FreeOnes Hits Half Million Link Mark FreeOnes Hits Half Million Link Mark

FreeOnes announced today that it has reached the 500,000 link mark on its website.

According to business manager Roald, the adult website has been growing at an “astounding rate.”

“Two years ago, in July 2009, we made the announcement that we had hit the 300,000 link mark and that took 11 years to do. In just under two years we managed to add 200,000 more links to the site,” Roald said.

The company noted that in 2011, several visitors to the site have requested more Asian and vintage content. Roald said the website has answered the call by adding more links and new girls.

“Our goal is to continue giving our visitors the content that they want to see as well as working with our sponsors to get that content to the fans. We have a few upcoming projects, such as our FreeOnes mobile site, which is set to launch very soon.”

He added, “We’re also making plans to revamp our tube site to make it much more user friendly for our visitors and allow sponsors to directly submit their videos to the site,” Roald said.