Miss FreeOnes 2014 Voting Platform Announced

FreeOnes.com has announced today that votes for the 5th annual Miss FreeOnes competition will be made on the FreeOnes model dashboards of all eligible entries.

The contest starts September 1st and fans of any active porn star, erotic model, or cam girl will be able to vote for the girl(s) that they think should win part of the $30,000 prize money. As with previous contests, the model voted #1 in the Miss FreeOnes category will take home the title of Miss FreeOnes and the grand prize of $10,000!

“This year we decided to shake things up and radically change the voting platform,” Contest organizer Petra said. “The first major change to voting this year is the fact that voters will no longer vote on our Miss FreeOnes site. Instead, they will be voting right on the model’s FreeOnes dashboard. This means that every single person will not only get to vote, but they will see everything that the model has on offer from her links, official site, or videos.”

“The second major change is the fact that unlike previous years, voters can only vote for a model one time per day no matter how many categories she’s been entered in.”

The company said that the reason for only allowing fans to vote for each babe once per day is to keep things interesting.

“In the past few contests we recognized a pattern in people’s voting. If a model was entered in all 6 categories, fans would vote for her across the board which kept the list from changing. So we think it will keep things a lot more fun and interesting to see who people want to win each category.”

In addition to the voting changes, the Best MILF (models between the ages of 30-50) and the Most Underrated (models ranked 2500 or above on FreeOnes) have been added to the contest while the Best Euro babe has been dropped.

Petra also noted that sponsorships are available for the 2014 contest. “I’d like to thank MyFreeCams for signing up as our exclusive Platinum Monster Sponsor once again! I’d also like to thank Jules Jordan for his early support of the 2014 contest!”

For more information about the advantages of sponsoring Miss FreeOnes 2014, please write info@missfreeones.com.